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Yemen, The Socotra Archipelago


The Socotra Islands are the jewels of Yemen and the whole Arabian region. It is indeed a place of botanical and zoological treasures nurtured by many generations of the islanders, the keepers of the unique cultural traditions of Yemen. For centuries, the Socotra Islands have been out of early explorers’ and naturalists’ attention. But by the end of 90-s they became a center of attraction never seen before especially from those who are interested in their economic development and natural environment preservation.

Dating back to prehistoric times the unique nature of Socotra attracts not only scientists and specialists, but also enthusiasts of eco-tourism.


Socotra island is one of few places in the world where people live in harmony with nature, so rarely found in our modernized world.

Tourism on Socotra is still developing. We arrange tours on Socotra Archipelago in cooperation with the local socotrian guides having many years' experience with tourists from various countries. They are highly professional and can show you the most attractive places of the island, tell about its nature, language and culture, as well as organize diving, trekking or other special programs.  

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Socotra map Socotra hotels Socotra photos How to get to Socotra 

Tourist map of Socotra

Hadiboh - capital of Socotra

Travel to Socotra

Travel to Socotra

Socotra governorate

The Law No. 31 for 2013 was issued on Wednesday establishing the governorate No. 22 of the Socotra archipelago with Hadibo as its capital city.

Socotra in November

Autumn was very rainy in Socotra. Such heavy rains was not more than 40 years. The whole island covered with greenery. Now it is very beautiful. Especially the sunsets and sunrises.

Dunes and sand of Socotra island

Such high and beautiful dunes near the ocean you will not find nowhere else in the world. Our new photo film - just sand and dunes.

10-day private trekking route through Socotra

Every year my friend Vladimir comes to Socotra to visit remote areas of the island. The last time we discovered some very interesting places.

Sea, dunes and mountains

Photo Tour across Socotra with Anna Pchelintseva. 2010-2013

Socotra on TODAY, NBC NEWS

NBC’s Richard Engel takes viewers to a tiny, remote island off the coast of Yemen, inhabited by nearly 800 fascinating species of plants and animals.

Our photo film about Socotra

Photo film made ​​by our photos taken during trips on Socotra from 2008 to 2010

Socotra is a bird's-eye

The video of Socotra island, shot from a balloon

Socotra Media Library

Home movies about Socotra. Photo films over the years.

Sounds of Socotra from ShortWaveMusic

A wonderful project! Now we can hear voices from the island of Socotra. Listen how people talk and sing in different parts of the island.

Our partner is

Our project is joined by a worthy partner - "Socotra Tamam" Tourist Agency, a new long-term contracting partner of informational portal.

Sledding on the sand dunes on Socotra

All our guests are happy to ride on the sand dunes on Socotra. Our video shows the new entertainment on Socotra.

Sandboarding on Socotra

Sandboarding - is riding on a special board on the sand dunes. Socotra is a unique place, as if specially adapted for this unusual entertainment. We have included riding over the sand dunes in our travel programs.


First post

Salem Ahmed Saeed   [ 15.05.2013 ]
First post

This is a private blog of Saleem


Salem Saeed

Salem Ahmed Saeed   [ 15.05.2013 ]

Salem Saeed - local guide on Socotra

We are looking for employees for Project Project opens a position of a Socotra island tourism manager and a customer manager.

Russian archeologists on Socotra - new finds

A Yemeni-Russian team that has been working together for five years in Yemen discovered last week a building on Socotra Island that dates back the eighth century A.D.

Private tour to Socotra - Special Offer

If you're a photographer and you prefer to travel alone, I'll be happy to offer you an individual tour to Socotra island with my support and services, including outdoor camping and quality cooking.


Our specially-developed program includes the most interesting and beautiful places of the island of Socotra. The main idea of our program is to avoid staying with other tour groups in camping sites. Instead, we plan to camp out in the most beautiful places of Socotra.

One month in Sana'a

Affairs, we had to come to Sanaa, where we live for a month in Tahrir Square in the city center.



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